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Trainee Project Delivery JR

- Logística / Distribución / Transporte

At DHL Supply Chain, we are looking for a trainee to contribute to the development of new operational startups, ensuring the
compliance of the conditions negotiated with our Customer Company, or internal clients, overseeing all support actions for an
effective start.
Collaborate with the team to manage multidisciplinary and functional project to achieve an implementation on time, meeting the
budgets agreed with our internal / external customers.
It will be responsible for maintaining contact with the service and infrastructure providers that are involved in starting an operation
negotiating, contracting, and monitoring them.
Collaborate with the Business Development team, the processes and operating procedures to be set in the operation.
Prepare the accurate technical documentation and the required and necessary permissions for starting our operating
Participate in conjunction with the Operations team in defining and designing layout, flows and infrastructures.
Helping coordinate the IT team, ensuring that the implementation and the integration of the information systems is being done in
a timely manner
Make sure that all environmental requirements are being met in the project to be undertaken
It will contribute to achieve environmental targets following the policies and guidelines set by the organization
It will help in both the communication and implementation process of specific procedures and processes deriving from the
implementation of the Environmental Management Integrated System.
It will contribute, together with his team, with the audit process, analyzing possible nonconformities and establishing action plans
for giving a response to them.
The location can be: Montornes or San Andreu

Trainee Project Delivery JR (Gestión de proyectos)
1 Vacante(s)

SANT ANDREU DE LA BARCA - Barcelona (Comunidad Autónoma Cataluña)


Experiencia Laboral Igual a 1 año
Estudios mínimos Grado
Carreras 1. Grado en Ingeniería Industrial y Automática

Se requiere que se esté cursando alguna de las carreras indicadas.
Requisitos mínimos Ingeniero industrial
Project Management
Idiomas Inglés ( Lectura: Nivel intermedio alto (b2) / Escritura: Nivel intermedio alto (b2) / Conversación: Nivel intermedio alto (b2) )


Tipo de contrato Convenio de prácticas profesionales
Duración 6 meses + 6 meses
Jornada Laboral Jornada Completa
Salario comentarios (comisiones/incentivos) 800 euros + Cheque Restaurante